Photo notes: Background is screendump from Via Michelin software. Scanned the spoke wrench and 20 € bill. Unexpected problem: Photoshop has money detection algorithm that prevented me from working with money. I tried to fold the bill cleverly, altering the circle patterns that nearly every bill has, but with no success. I solved it by scanning in other software, then altering the colors and then importing to Photoshop. I used the sepia function in the Nikon Editor for the sepia look.


Photo notes: We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a strawberry field in northern Germany. Beeing bad tourists we had to sample a few before running away to our bicycles. The camera was wrongfully set to ISO 800, causing some visible noise. This despite the fact that I have a huge sticker on the camera saying "CHECK ISO!". Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm budget lens. 1/500 sec F/11.

Photo notes: The watering systems became important to us since this was our way to get a shower. Unfortunately the camera got a direct hit from the water beam but the D70 handled it with grace. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm budget lens. 1/500 sec F/11.

Photo notes: We slept in one-man biuvacs. Mine was the green one and Märta's was the blue one. Late the night before we escaped B*lgium and came to the charming French countryside. This photo is taken early in the morning (06.45). We were ravaged by a thunderstorm during the night that forced us to re-locate from top of the hill to down the road. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm @ 18 mm. 1/60 sec F/6.3

Photo notes: Well, well, just by stepping over the border from one country to the other the environment changed remarkably. Example of change was... no toilet seats! This is a self-portrait. The camera sits on the trash can in front of me and I do have a remote in my hand. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm @ 18 mm. 1/8 sec F/3.5.

Photo notes: A potpurri, or "Carnets de Voyage" as the French would put it. Sepia from Nikon Editor, assembly in photoshop.

Photo notes: Heading towards a massive thunderstorm. My chain derailed at the top of the hill and lightning was striking next to me. I was waiting for the electrostatic charge in my hair. Fortunately we succeded to get off the top and find shelter down the road. Then hell broke loose. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm @ 18 mm. 1/400 sec F/10, ISO 1000 by mistake.


Photo notes: We put our bicycles and ourselves in the train's cargo hold. Horrible ride but it was fitting our budget very well. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm @ 18 mm. 1/100 sec F/6.3.


Photo notes: We camped next to the runway end in Bordeaux. Nikon D70, Sigma 18-50 mm @ 18 mm. 1/250 sec F/9


Photo notes: On the downslope after climbing the Passo di San Marco in northern Italy. Those passes were killing me. I got tired of sloppy shots last Europe trip. Wrong ISO and bad exposures rendered many pictures worthless. This time it was ordnung. Before I took off I studied MTF charts and bought a Nikkor 12-24 wide angle. I measured optimal resulution and introduced a policy not to shoot on any other aperture than F/8. Shooting using other ISO than 200 was also a no-no. Nikon D50, Nikkor 12-24 mm @ 12 mm. 1/250 sec F/8.


Photo notes: Approaching the Splügelpass I found a youth hostel in a very small village (3 houses). I was the only guest. So what to expose right? The window or the room? I had a small tripod with me and decided to expose both right. Nikon D50, Nikkor 12-24 mm @ 12 mm. Window 1/20 sec F/8. The Room 1 sec F/8.